Planning Your Photoshoot

Tips for how to get the best out of your Living Portraits pet photo shoot

Here are our tips for how to get the best out of your Living Portraits pet photo shoot:

  1. Have a read of our FAQs section. You may find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! And you’ll feel very reassured that our skills will deliver the most outstanding photographs.
  2. Decide who you’d like in your photographs. Is it one pet, or a pair, or several? Do you want to have some people in the photos – and what will they be doing and wearing? Deciding in advance will save you trying to make last-minute decisions on the day, which can be unsettling for you.
  3. Have a think about what makes your dog, cat or horse so special. When do they look most beautiful, or when is their character most clearly revealed? Your photographer will do their best to capture your pet’s unique features and personality.
  4. Choose a setting for your pet’s photo shoot. It might be your home, your garden, a stable yard, a local park, or even a country estate. And don’t worry if it’s not perfect: we can work miracles, honestly!
  5. Give us a call and discuss all of the above with us – ask us any questions, ask for advice. Your pre-shoot consultation is expressly designed to make everything run smoothly once we arrive, and to complete a fantastic shoot which delivers results even better than you hoped for.
  • "I’d always wanted to work for myself, doing something creative, but I’d never plucked up the courage. Now I love the freedom and variety of being a Living Portraits franchisee. I set my own hours and my own pace – and office politics are thankfully a distant memory!"