Choosing A Session

It makes perfect sense to choose just the right location for your pet's photo shoot. However, once you've made a decision about the general area, don't worry about the detail - that's where we come in.

When you have your phone consultation before the photography session, we’ll talk to you about the possibilities you’re considering. This may depend on how boisterous your dog is, how big your horse is, or how nervous your cat is!

It will also depend on whether you want indoor and/or outdoor photographs; what you normally do with your pet (for example, where you walk your dog or ride your horse); and what’s in your local area. You may be lucky enough to live close to a beautiful park or country estate, but your garden may be just as good!

The important thing is not to discount the possibilities. With the right angle, the right lighting and the right depth of field, we can get the best out of any setting, and it’s our job to do exactly that for you. We may well be able to transform a corner of your garden which you never thought worthy of a photo shoot!

Whatever setting we decide upon together for photographing your dog, cat or horse, you can feel reassured that your pet will be the hero of the photography – with the backdrop playing only a supporting role.

  • "I’d always wanted to work for myself, doing something creative, but I’d never plucked up the courage. Now I love the freedom and variety of being a Living Portraits franchisee. I set my own hours and my own pace – and office politics are thankfully a distant memory!"