What's included in my pet's photo shoot?

It’s all detailed on our pricing page.

How long will my photo shoot take?

You might be surprised to discover that we can complete a photo shoot with one or two animals in an hour or two. All the photographs you see on our website have been captured in shoots of that length. Shoots with multiple animals and people may take longer.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

As a matter of course, we’ll contact you the day before your photo shoot to confirm everything and discuss the weather. We normally shoot all year round and in all weathers – except for rain, in which case we’ll reschedule for another day.

How far will you come for a photo shoot?

We travel all over the UK. Depending on where you are, your photo shoot might be by one of our franchise photographers or by Chris McMurray himself. If you specifically request Chris outside of his usual area, you will need to pay his return fuel costs but we won’t charge mileage.

Can my family be in the photographs?

Yes! Families or even other animals are welcome. For example, if the shoot focuses around your horse, we can include shots with the whole family and/or your dogs, etc.

Can I have someone else at my photo shoot?

Most shoots just involve the one individual or family, but you’re welcome to bring a friend or colleague if you let us know well in advance (there may be a small additional charge, as we’ll need to allocate a little more time).

What should I wear?

Wear something relatively plain (so it doesn’t dominate) and which won’t date. You’re welcome to have a couple of options or changes on standby. We can always advise you; simply email us or give us a call.

What if my dog is nervous, bonkers, or of uncertain lineage?

We love all dogs, not just pedigrees! We photograph lots of much-loved mutts and mongrels as well as spaniels, pugs and Labradors. We are very used to working with the trained and the untrained; the nutters and the shy; the divas and the show-offs.

Can I have two horses on the shoot?

We wouldn’t like anyone to feel left out. We charge just £10 for the additional horse or pony; please let us know well in advance of the shoot. With more than one horse, it might be useful for you to have a helper.

Do you do photography for breeders and stud farms?

Yes – if you’re looking for promote sires, dams, foals, puppies or kittens, we offer a special package just for you. Please contact us.

Where can we photograph my horse?

We can do the shoot at your usual stable yard or anywhere in the countryside. If you prefer, you can come to us; we have stable facilities and land in North Yorkshire which you are welcome to use. We don’t photograph horses at shows and events because there’s too much going on, with too many distractions.

When can I see my photographs?

Your photographer will confirm the details regarding viewing your photographs, and ordering your prints, canvases and frames, once you’ve booked your photo shoot.

Can I buy a pet photography gift voucher?

Yes – we love the idea of pet photography as a gift! All the details are on our pricing page.

Can I put my photographs on social media?

Once you’ve paid for your images, you’re welcome to post them providing (a) you only use low-resolution versions (under 100dpi), and (b) ensure that each image is marked with ‘Living Portraits’ at the bottom (because they remain our copyright).

Who has copyright over my photographs?

As is virtually always the case with any photography, the copyright remains with Living Portraits. This means that you need to buy your photographs from us or print them from a memory stick you have bought from us, according to our terms & conditions. You can’t reproduce your prints yourself.